The Catalina Project is an experiment in the capability of the internet to create collaborative, collective art. Its mission is to showcase the potential of the web in regards to expression, subordinate to the old writer's wisdom: form follows function. The Catalina Project deigns to exploit the benefits of a high-speed interconnection only recently made available-- not to act as a digital frame for a picture, or as the electronic binding of a book of words, but as the forum of a common narrative spanning many authors and media.


The Catalina Project aspires to utilize an unlimited number of contributors in order to relate the fictional history of a trailer park in Southern Ohio. It does this by intertwining monthly installments of the 'house novels' (Catalina Trailer Park and The Seer's Ladies) with periodical features. Everything featured by The Catalina Project, whether it is created by 'house' staff or featured authors/artists, is the product of two or more contributors. Furthermore, every piece featured by The Catalina Project has inertia; it is open to interpretation and elaboration by future contributors. These contributors may use any aspect of the creative content hosted on The Catalina Project website in their work.