Submission Guidelines

1. Each piece featured on The Catalina Project website must be the collaborative work of at least two people.

2. Your work must be submitted with the following in mind: agreeing to be published by The Catalina Project is to release control of the creative content of your work to the discretion and judgement of The Catalina Project staff and future contributors to the website. Information hosted by The Catalina Project is collective; it may be used and elaborated upon by all future and current contributors.


If your work is chosen and subsequently featured by The Catalina Project, it will never be sold, or used by The Catalina Project outside of this website or authorized print anthologies. Any exceptions to these rules require the explicit agreement of all contributing parties and The Catalina Project. 

All submissions and portfolios should be sent to:

For less formal communication and inquiries, the editor-in-chief may be contacted on twitter, @woranj