Project 3 Before Critique

This project has been a roller coaster ride. I'm starting to impress myself with what I'm learning in creative suite, but intelligibility in the project my still be an issue. This stems from, mostly, the dis-synchronization of the text and audio, which I was not able to perfect. I got hung up on the animations, in many cases, and the key frames. I adhered to the audio in almost all cases, but I relied upon the text for extra information and occasionally the audio and the text doesn't line up. A proficiency with illustrator would have helped. A heavier reliance on a storyboard would have helped. I felt that I could make the animations and line them up later-- this was not the best way to do it. But i've learned so much that I can't be too disappointed by what I've made, even though it is rough and is sometimes hateful to basic design principles (which I know nothing about).