Project 3 After Critique

The critique went better than I expected it to, though I would say that it brought up a few critical points. I think that the composition was understood for the most part-- the basic premise was grasped, but that there were flaws in my execution. These flaws could have been mitigated in a number of ways:

-- Simpler visuals. The amount of time I put into production was a result of complicated information that I thought needed complicated visuals. This took up a lot of time and due to the nature of the many layers I was working with (using comps within comps was something I had not done before halfway through this project), the production took more time than it should have. Time would have been better spent editing the script. However, I would also like to say that I would have rather done it this way than relying more heavily on moving pictures as in project 2. I think that making things move was a big part of what was educational about this project, and I feel more adept at creative suite as a result.

-- Simpler subject matter. I was too ambitious with the subject matter, and I didn't really take into consideration the complexity of the information I would need to relate. I knew that it was complex, but I also knew that the basic premise was easy to understand: Stem cells and carbon nanotubes used together have the potential to reverse spinal paralysis. However, once I started really getting into the composition, I found that it was not so simple to convey that-- I can't just leave it at that. I have to explain. The explanation, unfortunately, raised many more questions than it answered, and so I think it's a valid criticism to say that the complexity was not handled as well as it could have been. As it is, based on the format, it was impossible to tie up loose ends (for instance, an in-depth explanation of the different types of secondary cells)


What I learned: Script and audio need to be more solidified, and there's no compromising on a storyboard. The thing that flawed the production the most was my method of creating small comps, or series of animations (though not separately-- all in one comp), and then expecting that they would fit in the way I wanted them to without exactly knowing how. I know it's obvious that that doesn't work now-- though I wouldn't say I failed in what I was trying to do-- only that it could have been better. Again, though, I am happy with what I've learned, and if nothing else, I think that I've proven a lot to myself as far as my production aptitude. Looking forward to project 4.