Project 1 Critique

My first project has been a mixed bag. As far as critiques go, I would characterize mine as lukewarm. I was too literal with my images and the vagueness of the emotions I tried to articulate combined with my beginner After Effects skills didn't make for great representations. My feelings on the two pieces are as follows--

1: This piece was conceived of while thinking of my nieces, who I have not seen for a while, and the various things that get on their noses-- often. Originally the piece was to have 'bee' 'bubble' and 'boogy' interchange in various ways in the sentence. After some experimentation with this, and realizing that it would not fit my (or the project requirement's) needs, I cut 'bee' and 'boogy' and stuck with bubble. I wanted the bubble to float in and land in the center. The left and right would fall down around it. I originally tried to do the math required to move each letter in unison, but soon realized that, with the number of keyframes I would need, it would be too time-consuming. There is likely a better way, which I am committed to discovering, but this time I opted instead for a simple reordering of the letters, which I reasoned would add an element of realization.

2: The main fault in this piece is its pace. One can't read the text in time. This was not due to me arbitrarily beginning the composition too soon-- originally the frames were more spaced out, but as I began developing the swiping motion, I realized that the end product would look mechanical at best if I didn't move the actions closer together in order to create a natural sort of blur. In the end I chose to do this because I felt that the message of the piece would be less communicated with the loss of the swiping motion due to too much time elapsing and not enough frames than with the speediness. However, I do not feel that the class got the 'disgust' reaction I was going for, and that may have to do with me envisioning a snot bubble instead of a soapy one.

All in all, a challenging and rewarding experience. In hopes of being more successful for this next project, I'm going to try and begin with a solid idea which will hit all of the criteria before getting into the details.