Project 2 Before Critique

The main differences between this 'finished' piece and the draft submitted for an informal critique, are mostly to do with the narrative form and music. Originally I had described my piece as 'two pieces which aim to do the same thing', in one presentation. I now think that the piece is cohesive-- a sort of rough timeline of prosthetic advancements. I had trouble with the music-- originally I wanted to do a mashup of Patti Smith's 'Gloria' and Elzhi's 'That's that one', but upon putting them together, the transition was too abrupt and the general feel was off. So, I cut Patti Smith and used Elzhi's intro drum track in order to separate older, more mechanical prosthetics from the newer electronic/bionic models. I experimented with drawings and white space-- partially inspired by Zaneta's intro, and I also experimented with a simple mask on the skeleton toward the end. I believe that I was mostly successful in this project-- the only thing that I would have preferred to have been different would have been a more somber intro-- but I think that the drum track does just fine, too. It's just more energetic, I think, leading to less reflection and more of an excitement, which I don't think is incompatible with the message I set out to propagate here.