09/03/14 Assignment 1: Keyframe rough draft

Have been using Adobe After Effects in order to create moving words-- approximately 10. Originally I had thought of compiling a list of words and moving the letters of two or three of them around to create the other seven. This was problematic for a few reasons-- but also I felt that the project should have a cohesive message.

So, instead of constructing and destructing words, I decided to use the the first few lines from the Constitution's preamble and censor a few of the words in order to hit the 10 word mark, and also maybe say something about censorship of government information and the uncomfortable feeling people get when something that was once specific and taken for granted becomes open to interpretation. The fragment 'We the people, in order to form a more perfect union' is 11 words long, and so originally I put '(REDACTED)' in place of 'people' and 'union' so that the total number of words were still 11, but the total number of unique words were 10. Using parenthesis was an attempt to mimic official documentation with redaction.

I decided against this approach after reflecting that it was probably too heavy-handed for this assignment-- not in good taste to try and say something political with 10 words and two weeks with a new medium. Also, though, I ran into some trouble animating what I though would be one of two key movements of the animation. I had wanted the phrase to appear letter-by-letter, and I wanted 'p' and 'e' to be type, and then move as if flicked off of the screen and replaced by '(REDACTED)', so as to take away any ambiguity and also create movement. I was not, however, able to tilt the letters without making them permanent effects on the visual 'track', and thus unable to move those letters and replace them meaningfully.

Finally, I wrote down a sentence I'd heard my grandma say, or I alluded to a sentence I'd heard my grandma say, and then made believe that they were the tagline to what would be a really atrocious Adam Sandler movie. I made the words move in a simple way, sliding together in a way I imagined a rom-com would look. I didn't want to use quotes or try to pack a lot of meaning into the words, and also because it fits roughly into my ultimate goal of creating narrative. The only thing that I'm really self-conscious about is the word count-- it's over by at least 3. However, I thought that in order to present a somewhat complete idea, it would be necessary.