Project 2 After Critique

The critique of my second project went, in my opinion, better than the first. The biggest problem was not being able to discern what exactly was trying to be related, but I don't think it would take too much alteration of the piece in order to make the idea of 'giving people that have lost limbs an increased ability to live life as though they were not disabled,' clear. Through my use of images of increasingly advanced prosthetics, I was also hoping to give an impression that, through this technology our ideas of who is disabled may be changing, as some technologies can all but completely mitigate the functional aspects of having lost a limb. I don't know if that came through or not.

I am also pleased with the class's reaction to my use of music and the masks/photoshop effects. If asked again about what I would do with the piece if I had more time, though, I wouldn't answer 'more image/picture splicing of prosthetic blueprints'. I think that I would integrate a logo in some way, even if it did require some image manipulation. If I had had the words 'limbs for life' on the composition, I think people would look at it in a different, more focused way-- as in, focused specifically on the concepts I'm trying to communicate, even if only after the composition is over. Really, I think that 'Life' would do a lot, as the abstract definition of life and the concreteness of the prosthetic limbs make the visual communication of the words lopsided.

Overall, though, I am happy with the reception of my second composition, and I am pleased with the experience I've gained working on it. Looking forward to doing some animation-- using a camera is something I've wanted to try for a long time.